Driving an e-Golf is not only electrifying, it’s smart too. Below are Government incentives you can avail of when you purchase an electric car in Ireland:

– VRT rebate of up to €5,000 (€5,000 for all-electric models and €2,500 for plug-in hybrid models). The VRT rebate this is applied prior to purchase so you are effectively paying up to €10,000 less than the RRP.
– Free home charging point installation through the ESB (upon succesful application)
– Up to €500 a year annual reduction in tolling costs on selected Irish toll roads


Additional Benefits for Businesses

As well as enjoying the premium features, comfort and technology with the e-Golf Executive Edition, there are a range of additional Government incentives for companies in Ireland who choose electric cars for their fleet. These include:

– 0% BIK – Battery electric vehicles used as company cars are fully exempt from Benefit in Kind tax
– Up to €7,000 grant available for battery electric vehicles used as Taxis, Hackneys and Limousines
– ACA Savings – Companies, sole traders and farmers can avail of further tax savings on electric cars through the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) scheme

These incentives, combined with the savings you’ll make through increased efficiency thanks to our innovative e-mobility technology, make the e-Golf a smart choice for your business.


Experience modern design with intuitive controls.

Your e-Golf is not just forward-thinking in terms of its powertrain. In the vehicle interior, stylish design elements and a clear overview of e-specific information await you. Upgrade to Executive Edition and you’ll get a stylish and comfortable full leather interior.


The electric car that looks great.

It’s plain to see that you are driving a very special Golf. The e-design with its LED light shape, blue design elements and aerodynamic optimisations give the electric vehicle its unique flair. Additional style is added when you upgrade to the eye-catching Executive Edition, thanks to sporty 17-inch ‘Madrid’ alloy wheels and stylish LED tail lights.