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Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

A Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) car is the most efficient form of Hybrid as it uses a large battery that is capable of distances typically in excess of 50km using electric propulsion exclusively. For longer journeys and more spirited driving the accompanying combustion engine acts in the same way that a regular self-charging Hybrid does. The main benefit of the PHEV platform is that the large battery can be charged from an external source at home or work, allowing most urban and extra-urban dwellers commute using electric power only, saving the combustion engine for longer journeys instead. A PHEV can achieve genuine emission-free driving, unlike a self-charging platform that typically only achieves fuel consumption similar to an efficient diesel engine.

Quick Facts About PHEVs

  • PHEVs enable to driver to experience complete emission-free journeys unlike a regular hybrid platform. For example the latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 platform delivers 50km of WLTP certified driving on electric power only. 

  • Automatic gearbox supplied as standard on all PHEVs. 

  • When compared to a regular hybrid there is significant reductions in emissions. 

  • Low rate road tax from €140.

  • Using a pre-installed home charging external wall socket or similar installation at a workplace a PHEV can be charged overnight or during working hours.

  • Similar to a full EV they can also be charged on the ESB Public Charging Network

Charging An EV

All EVs run off a DC current despite being charged using AC 230V electricity as you have in your home. The car's onboard converter transfer the AC current into DC so that it can be stored in the battery. This is part of the reason why slow-charging is available at home or at most public charging points. High-speed public chargers are available near Motorways and Service Stations that deliver the power using DC current directly to the car and thus helping it charge rapidly compared to AC. Read More

Who Drives a PHEV?

This is the car for somebody who wants to eventually go for a fully electric vehicle but the current Electric Infrastructure in Ireland is not yet suited to their driving demands. It is ideal if you are commuting short/medium distances in an urban or rural environment but also want the freedom to tackle long journeys at the weekend without range anxiety. On the fence about an electric car? No range anxiety, strong resell value, low running costs and better for the environment. mean that these vehicles are a great option for you.





Typical Battery Consumption & Emission Data

Peugeot 3008 PHEV 
Fuel Consumption (WLTP, Combined Driving Profile)
Emissions (WLTP, Combined Driving Profile)
CO2 46g/km

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