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Volkswagen ID.4 LIFE 77kWh 204HP From €600pm + VAT
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The all-electric Volkswagen ID.4

Made for great things

Electricity keeps you ahead

With ranges of up to 500km1, the school-run, your morning and evening commutes, gym trips and day trips plus so much more is possible with just a single battery charge. You can choose either the 52 kWh battery in the ID.4 Pure or the 77 kWh battery in the ID.4 Pro depending on your driving requirements. 

1. Predicted range for going through cycles in accordance with the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) on chassis dynamometer (no series status). WLTP range values for standard vehicles may vary depending on equipment. In practice, the actual range varies depending on driving style, speed, use of convenience/auxiliary equipment, outside temperature, number of passengers/additional load, and topography.  

Equipped to assist

Does your hobby need extensive equipment? Do you have a lot to transport for work? No problem at all for the ID.4: the optional towing bracket is designed for loads up to 750 kg (unbraked) or 1,000 kg (braked). If you don’t need the towing bracket at any given moment, you can fold it under the bumper out of sight in a few easy steps.

Panoramic views

With a huge glass panel that stretches over the entire width of the roof, the optional panoramic sunroof is an eye-catching feature in itself. Even more amazing: an unobstructed view of the sky above for your passengers. The tinted glass also ensures pleasant temperatures in the vehicle and the sun blind protects you against strong sunshine. You can even control the sun blind using extremely intuitive voice controls. Say “Hello ID., show me the stars” and the sun blind opens on command.

Charge and go

The advantage of electric vehicles: charging is possible almost anywhere. At home, you charge with alternating current (AC charging) via a household outlet or with an optional ID. Charger, providing a charging capacity of up to 7.2 kW or 11 kW. Many public charging stations at filling stations and motorways also offer fast charging with direct current (DC charging).

The wall box for your home: the ID. Charger

With our ID. Charger, you have your own filling station at home. Now you can get into your ID.4 in the morning and start your day full of energy. You could say it’s re-fuelling in your sleep. The ID. Charger is available in three versions with increasing connectivity and intelligence. Where required, it is also available with Wi-Fi, 4G and a built-in electricity meter. The intelligent functions of the ID. Charger can be controlled via We Charge in the We Connect ID. app.

Our installation service also makes installation as convenient as possible for you – from the free online pre-check to the installation itself. Everything can be organised from one source. You can conveniently order your desired ID. Charger version and the installation service online or directly from your Volkswagen dealership.

Full speed ahead

Every red traffic light becomes a new oppportunity where you can experience a completely new kind of driving pleasure. The electric motor of the ID.4 accelerates dynamically from a standstill with instant torque. For example, the Pro Performance-based models with 150 kW system power can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in only 8.5 seconds. No shifting, no delay – just drive off and experience the pure thrill.

This car sounds new

How quiet an electric car is depends entirely on the vehicle. To make road traffic safer, when driving speeds of up to 30 km/h, your ID.4 can be heard a little more clearly outside thanks the the ID. e-Sound. This makes it more noticeable for pedestrians. The futuristic sound emphasises its visionary identity and simultaneously provides an artificially generated vehicle noise for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. 

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