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Opel Insignia SC 1.5D 122PS S/S FWD From €435pm + VAT
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The Insignia Grand Sport at Gowan Leasing

The Opel Insignia Grand Sport is an elegantly designed mid-range luxury vehicle perfectly suited for business drivers. The Opel Insignia has been a popular car on Irish roads for many years and the latest version of the Insignia does not disappoint. The striking LED headlights to define the aggressive stature of this grand tourer and the driving dynamics have always been up for debate as best in class. The New Opel Insignia has superior connectivity and market-leading safety features that include intelligent driver-assist systems.

Great Engines, Great Chassis and Great Dynamics

When driving the German engineered Insignia you could be forgiven for thinking that you were driving a more premium German Marque. Each part of the Insignia has been carefully engineered to ensure you will expereience performance that is suited to the pursuit of perfection. No longer must you choose between performance or efficiency as the New Opel Insignia has a comprehensive range of frugal, yet powerful petrol and diesel drivetrains to choose from. Choosing the New Opel Insingia will mean that you have both a dynamic ride and enviable performance charachteristics. 


Ambient Lighting

The lounge lighting in the New Opel Insignia is designed to exude luxury and relaxing calming tones. The lighting is throughout the cabin and intended to provide the interior with the feeling of being inside a lounge. 


Make A Striking Impression

The fastback design of the Opel Insignia allows for a large boot opening space as the rear of the car opens like a hatchback. The sleek lines used to create this design take inspiration from coupe-styled lines to deliver a smart and youthful exterior finish. 


Style in It's Most Practical Form

Due to the fastback design of the rear of the New Insignia, there is ample loading space of 490 Litres in the rear boot space. The generous dimensions allow the New Insignia to be used for people and loads of all sizes. 

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NEW Opel Insignia SC 1.5D 122PS S/S FWD