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Hybrid Vehicles

A hybrid vehicle like the Kia Sportage is one that uses a combustion engine to charge a battery whilst driving, the battery can then be used by an electric motor to assist driving at low speeds or for cruising speeds once the regular engine has helped it accelerate to the desired speed. The electric motor and combustion engine interact seamlessly and the car will constantly adjust between using the electric and combustion engine. More recently to help improve efficiency and achieve an improved WLTP rating some brands such as Kia have introduced a Mild Hybrid (MHEV) system that uses a smaller battery than a regular Hybrid, but it uses the energy in a similar way to power an electric motor that helps improve efficiency at cruising speeds. A Hybrid or MHEV cannot be charged using an external socket, all of the charge will come from the engine or to a lesser extent regenerative braking. Hybrid cars may allow for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, but they are still reliant on an internal combustion engine for propulsion over a typical journey.



Learn more about Hybrid Vehicles

  • A hybrid combines both an internal combustion engine and an electrical motor.

  • Hybrids improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions when compared to Petrol or Diesel equivalents in most driving situations. 

  • Hybrids perform best on short urban journeys compared to longer, motorway driving. Some modern diesel engines can perform similarly in long distance rural driving. 

  • Hybrid vehicles typically use an automatic gearbox.




Who Should Lease a Hybrid? 

Hybrid vehicles are typically more suited to shorter, slower-speed journeys as the electrical motor can assist more with this type of driving, allowing for optimum fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. At higher speeds, such as motorway driving, the internal combustion engine is the predominant power source, thus increasing fuel consumption and emissions due to the additional weight of the battery and electric motor.

Typical Battery Consumption & Emission Data

Kia Sportage (MHEV)

Fuel Consumption (WLTP, Combined Driving Profile)
5.3 - 5.7l/100km
Emissions (WLTP, Combined Driving Profile)
CO2 141 - 155g/km

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Current Hybrid Vehicles Range Available Now at Gowan Leasing:


Fuel Type diesel
Annual Mileage 20000kms
Contract Term 48