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Can servicing be arranged outside Dublin?
We have a nationwide network of garages we use to service vehicles anywhere in Ireland

Can you arrange short term vehicles?
Yes – we have a fleet of vehicles available for short term hire at competitive prices.

If I arrange lease contracts can you dispose of my existing fleet? 
Yes – we will gladly purchase any existing vehicles on your fleet which you may, in turn, use the sales proceeds to reduce the monthly repayments on your monthly leasing costs

What length of lease can I arrange?
We generally offer leases from 12 to 60 months depending on customer needs

What is included in my maintenance contract?
In the maintenance contract we include the following:
- Servicing as per manufacturers specifications
- All other vehicle repairs (i.e. non-accidental repair) required outside, manufacturers specified repairs
- Road Tax
- 24 hours roadside assistance
- Tyres

Who owns the vehicle for the duration of the contract?
The vehicle remains the property of Gowan Leasing for the duration of the lease

Can you advise on which vehicles best suit our company needs?
No problem, our leasing team are fully trained to advise relative to all possible leasing options from vehicle type to duration of lease.

Can I terminate my contract early and if so what happens?
Yes it is possible to terminate early but generally, early termination charges may be applicable, these early termination charges will be calculated based on the mileage and condition of the vehicles and the unexpired portion of the lease

Can I claim VAT on my monthly rentals?
If you are VAT registered you can:
1. Claim VAT on the maintenance element of the contract
2. Claim the VAT on the lease rentals of a light commercial vehicle
3. Since 1st January 2009 on any motor vehicles which are within CO2 bands A, B and C i.e. C02 emissions of less than 156g/km you may be able to claim up to 20% of the VAT paid subject to certain terms and conditions

Who is responsible for insuring the vehicle during the lease?
Fully comprehensive insurance must be provided by you for the duration of the lease on the vehicle you lease