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Electric Vans 

The standard platform of a van compliments the design of an EV particularly well, the battery is hidden underneath to allow for a maximum rear-load capacity. The fundamental charachteristics of driving a van have not changed, the EV has the added benefit of an automatic gearbox as standard and generous levels of torque. Fully emission-free driving is now available with WLTP ranges reaching up to 330km on the new Peugeot E-Expert. The EV platform is ideal for delivery vans, tradespeople, small business owners or general vans for running errands in urban and extra-urban areas. The flexibility of the van improves as additional charging points are available at home or in the office. Gowan Motors currently have the following Electric Vans models to choose from Opel Combo,  Opel VivaroPeugeot Partner and Peugeot Expert all of which are expected to be available in Q3 of 2021. 



Quick Facts About Electric Vans

  • Achieve full Emission Free Journeys up to 330km 
  • Charge overnight at home similar to a normal domestic EV
  • Charging available on over 1,100 ESB Public Network Sites
  • lower toll charges
  • Eligible for €3,800 SEAI grant
  • Low running costs compared to Diesel
  • Powerful Acceleration and Automatic Gearbox
  • Charge up to 80% in 40mins at Fast Charging Network 


Who Drives an Electric Van?

The typical customer we expect to drive an electric van is a Tradesperson who will commute less than 200km per day, ideal for those working on a specific site each day. Large companies are expected to start overhauling large fleets of vans in the near future where possible. As part of a corporate social responsibility, delivery drivers in urban areas, service technicians and support personnel could all benefit from the use of Electric Vans. In urban surroundings where the van will spend additional time in traffic each day, the benefits from emission free driving are multiplied as the level of air pollution is reduced compared to a regular diesel engine. It is likely the commercial vehicle landscape will change rapidly as the range of vehicles available increases. 




Typical Battery Consumption & Emission Data

Peugeot E- Expert
WLTP Driving Range
330km (Speed, Load Weight, Temperature can result in less range than the WLTP) 
Emissions WLTP
CO2 0g/km

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Current Electric Vans Range Coming Soon to Gowan Leasing: