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Lease Options

Gowan Leasing is a subsidiary of Gowan Group Ltd and provides leasing facilities to the corporate sector in relation to their company vehicles. Typically there are three types of Lease:

  • Contract Lease

    Is whereby you select a car and indicate an annual mileage you will do on this vehicle. Based on your selected vehicle and annual mileage Gowan Leasing will calculate a monthly lease rental over a period decided by you but generally it would be over a 24 to 48 month lease period. At the end of the lease term you simply return the car to us and once the vehicle is within its contracted mileage and there is no damage on same you are liable to no further charges.

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  • Contract Hire with Maintenance

    This lease is exactly the same as the above lease except it also includes maintenance. This maintenance contract will normally include the following:

    • Servicing as per manufacturers specifications
    • All other vehicle repairs (i.e. non accidental repairs) required outside manufacturers specified repairs
    • Road Tax
    • 24 hours roadside assistance
    • Tyres
    • Replacement courtesy vehicle during all service work

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  • Open Lease

    Do you have an immediate need for a vehicle for a short period to cover an unexpected project or an employee on a probation period? If so, our innovative Open Lease would be suitable for you.

    Our Open Lease option is tailored to your requirements, we will find you the right vehicle for the period you need it and you just pay an agreed rental.

    At the end of the period you hand the vehicle back and that is it.One of our most popular Open Leases is the ‘New Start Lease’ which we provide for companies that are employing new staff and do not want to commit to a company car during the probationary period. At the end of the probation you can either hand the car back or we can convert it into a longer term agreement.

    With the ‘New Start Lease Option’ you can provide the company car with none of the long term commitment if the employee does not work out.Open and New Start Leases are completely flexible options, having no long contract, no long term commitment, no hidden costs and no hassle.

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